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Alive Networks is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization.

Alive Networks Chapters

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A better way to network.

At Alive Networks, we constantly strive to build value, both for our members and in the community. While have successfully transitioned regular meetings to Zoom in the last few years, we also hold a variety of in-person events. We also believe that networking is significantly more effective when people are having fun.

Here’s how we do it . . .

Regular Meetings

Each of our chapters holds regular meetings, allowing members to continuously strengthen their connections with each other. At Alive Networks, we often incorporate different meeting styles, small groups, special presentations, and specific topics of conversation to always keep it lively and engaging.

Social Events

Throughout the year, each Alive Networks chapter will hold social events, where members can get to know each other outside of the meeting room. Occasionally, we will also hold combined, multi-chapter soirees to invigorate alliances with other members. Holidays, happy-hours, and casual get-togethers are a cornerstone of ensuring a tight-knit networking family.


An emphasis on member-to-member conversations is one of the key components that helps drive close relationships within our groups. At Alive Networks, continual 1-to-1 meetings are a highly effective way to get to know someone personally, to forge creative collaborations, and to drive meaningful referrals.

Public Presentations

Fairly frequently, Alive Networks will sponsor multi-member presentations to the public community. Not only does this help increase exposure for these individuals, it helps grow our network and deepens the value of the group as a whole.

Upcoming Events

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Value focused networking.

Our networking model has been carefully crafted to prioritize the most effective aspects of networking to continuously grow the value of our interpersonal relationships, our businesses, and our group. We expect a commitment from each of our members to be present, accountable, and highly engaged.

These are our core values . . .

Authentic relationships.

Effective networking is built on the relationships of its participants. Alive Networks was founded on the principle that each member needs to forge lasting, authentic relationships to be successful.

Connections built on understanding.

Members can truly assist one another when we seek to understand the nuances of each other's businesses and goals. Developing these connections increases the value of our referrals and strengthens the group as a whole.

Diversity of thought, skills, and experience.

While some networking groups put a singular focus on referring business, Alive Networks is about helping each other thrive as professionals and people, in whatever form that may take. Ultimately, we value an individual's ability to be strategic in their networking, above being transactional.

Strategic, yet spontaneous, collaboration.

Planned spontaneity may sound crazy, but it sparks creative collaborations. When members understand each other's skills, different ways of working together becomes a no-brainer. More on our strategic partnerships later.

Organic and inclusive conversation.

Sometimes, the most valuable guidance comes from unexpected places. That's why Alive Networks puts a premium on providing members with constructive feedback through spontaneous group brainstorming sessions. It's collaborative problem-solving at its finest.

Strategic partnerships.

When it comes to professional networking, other organizations seriously underutilize the value of collaboration. Alive Networks has fully embraced the concept of strategic partnerships and we encourage our members to think outside the box in terms of how they work together with their colleagues.

Something as simple as sharing each other’s social media posts can have a meaningful impact on another member’s business. Taking it a step further, members who bring in a trusted colleague to work with a client together, are not only providing an extremely high-quality referral, but are bringing tremendous value to their own client as well.

At Alive Networks, this focus on close collaboration and strategic partnerships has resulted in some terrific examples of jaw-dropping success — and quite frankly, we’re surprised every group doesn’t do it this way…

“In Alive Networks, a referral has value, or it’s not given. If you’ve been in other networking groups, you know exactly what we’re talking about.”
- Fairfield Alive Member

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A Partnership Success Story

How twelve Alive Networks members partnered together on one client and sent her veterinary business through the roof!

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